Daniel Cheever
Hardware Design Engineering Consultant / Contractor
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25+ years experience in full cycle electronic product development with concentration in Analog Instrumentation, Power conditioning, and High Voltage. Acquired a strong history of successful high volume commercial and state-of-the-art research laboratory mixed signal product design and project management , from conceptualization, project proposal, costing, and scheduling, to schematic entry, simulation, prototyping, PCB layout verification and fabrication management, through manufacturing floor process validation and development of QC test system hardware and software.


Skill set / Capabilities:

In home development lab with extensive electronics stock. Fully instrumented for high-end analog, mixed signal or RF prototyping including: 9GHz spectrum analyzer, 350MHz 4 channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, H/P 140db dynamic range Dynamic Signal Analyzer, arbitrary waveform generation, 0-600V VCVS, GPIB PC card under Lab-View, 3GHz PC under XP pro. CAM Machine tooling and rapid PCB prototyping at 1day turn-around.

Proficient in state of the art development tools for PC including: OrCAD, Pcad,  PadsPCB, Spice simulation (Pspice, 5spice, ICAP/4), MATLAB with SIMULINK, Palasm, all LabView products, some FPGA tools, some Verilog, MetraByte SW/HW. Experienced in Assembly and C code development under widely varied HW/op. systems. Highly effective in using email / web tools for design review. Cable internet connection dedicated to contracting.



MSEE, 2001, University of New Hampshire. 3.9/4.0.Thesis: "A New Methodology For Audio Frequency Power Amplifier Testing Based On Psychoacoustic Data That Better Correlates With Sound Quality"
BSEE, 1989, University of New Hampshire


Experience- Contract / Consulting 

Technical Solutions, Inc
Northwood Executive Park
10 Northern Blvd. Unit #20
Amherst, NH 03031
Tel: 603-889-7688

Contact: Chris Harrises

Torrington Research Co. Inc.

Torrington, CT
1999- present
High-volume brushless DC fan
motor controllers

Cambridge, MA 
1993- present
High-volume (>10k/mo) PC peripherals. 
Extremely cost continuous, very fast 
conception to time to market demands.

J.P. Sercel Associates, Inc.

Hollis, NH 

Terawatt Laser machining products

Fail safe constraints

Maximum Products, Inc.
Newburyport, MA
1998- present
Automotive accessories

Key Filters, Inc.
Highland Industrial Park
Woonsocket, RI
Industrial controls

Motorway, Inc.

Manchester, NH
1999- present
Automotive accessories

The Baker Co. Inc
Sanford, ME
Biomedical Containment 

 Consulting Project(s) 

Custom 120W germicidal UV electronic ballast control system.

3axis accelerometer/gyro analog signal conditioning for fitness analysis product

TENS muscle stimulator. FDA approved. Included test systems and manufacturability studies.

800W 12 channel constant current programmable sinc for testing Apple power supply EMF

$4.00 160W off-line 3phase BLDC controller.

900W off-line 3phase BLDC controller

uP based modified sine drive BLDC fan controller for medical system.

15V boost programming DC-DC supply <1% line & load regulation, < $0.40 cost.

EMI reduction via spread spectrum techniques free-running varactor bias signal based CPU clock jitter injection. Achieved CE mark.

ADC reference ladder DAC solutions 

Near rail LED array switched 1A current source 

CPU clock circuit debugging CPU vendor app. info. proven incorrect

USB power slave circuit cost reduction 

I/O PCB Analog Input Conditioning Multiple, flexible, opto-isolated 

I/O PCB Analog Output Conditioning Multiple, flexible, opto-isolated

Sequential Turn Signal PCB Carried from idea to volume production

Ported complex digital product to SMD 40% savings through re-design 

Auto-cycle Timing PCB Total product redesign, added new features, enhanced robustness. 

Motorcycle Ignition Using IGBT and unique all analog advance.

All analog speedometer Industry unique calibration w/o CPU. 

General EE consulting. Large pharmaceutical class III equipment


Experience- Direct 

Analogic Inc., Peabody MA

Senior Electrical Engineer

Individual Contributor responsible for front-end electronics and control boards for a new family of CT scanner OEM medical electronics. Responsible for all design, verification, manufacturability, test system development, and sustaining engineering.


SiRRAN Communications Ltd, Dublin Ireland, and/aka Fortified DataCom, Lynn, MA & Norwalk, CT

June 2007 – 2010

Principal Power Design Engineer.

Sole architect and developer of a ruggedized switching power supply subsystem for the Nomad EX Incident Command Platform. The system leverages Windows XP/ PC104 size µprocessors, unique display and touch screen technology, C++ sourced GUI controls, OEM data acquisition cards and wholly self designed power control electronics to fully charge, maintain, regulate, and instrument military smart lithium-ion battery banks. Design of a state-of-the-art highly efficient high voltage switching supply of 500W with 7 different output voltages with worldwide mains and ultra wide range DC input. System can run and be charged from mains and all military vehicle DC sources. Unique display of instantaneous battery life remaining. Design of various switching supplies of different power levels, at up to 1MHz, using planar toroids and magnetic amplifier schemes. Complete redesign for rugeddization of primary product, the Nomad C4. Ported to volume manufacturing in Wales and Ireland. Schematic capture in OrCad. Extensive analog and power simulation. Very demanding time table and project management accountability. Supervision of 1 - 2 senior electronics technicians. Reporting directly to CTO.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Compliance Test Solutions, Lowell, MA

November 2006 – April 2008

Design Engineer.

Part of a three person hardware engineering team responsible for $60M+ annum High Voltage EMI and EMC test capital equipment. Design of new products to new regulations in compliance specifications. Re-design and enhancement of existing products to remain competitive and address regulation revisions. Products experienced in 9kV, 300A surge line surge simulators, 100V, 2A, 4 quadrant octal power amplifiers. Revised existing V/I from 10kHz bandwidth to 5µS rise time voltage pulser / source. Recognized as inventive, intuitive and motivated.

MIT Bates Linear Accelerator Center, Middleton, MA 

1996 – November 2006

Associate EE Group Leader.

Principal design engineer and leader of the Instrumentation Group. MIT sponsored research staff. Responsible for all aspects of electron beam line instrumentation. Sole developer, designer, and test-debug coordinator of state of the art custom instruments ranging from micro amp beam phase detection monitors (RF= 2.8GHz, IF= 50MHz), pico-amp resolution trans-conductance amplifiers, to several kV pulsed ~ns rise time linear amplifiers. Developed novel 500A 2ns rise time laser diode driver using induction. Designed the laboratories main beam gun diode laser driver with both current mode feedback and feed forward amplitude control. Various coil drivers to 300A 30MHz. Numerous switch mode power design projects.  Varied motion control designs including stepper motors and linear transducers. Strongest concentration from DC to 400kHz, with significant experience to 3GHz. PCB schematic capture, simulation, some layout. Linear and RF Test System custom hardware and software design and data acquisition system programming under Sun UNIX, LabView, and EPICS (c++ UNIX) . Gained in-depth experience in high speed digital design and debug, µ wave phase and amplitude detection, ultra high CMNR and low long term drift circuits, ground isolation circuits, radiation hardening, auto and self calibration, VME H/W and VxWorks. Multi- disciplined project management including complex FPGA based custom VME systems, ultra high speed laser drivers, numerous complex electromechanical systems with RF, vacuum, high voltage constraints. Project management and direct supervision of 1 senior software engineer, 1 junior software engineer, 2 senior project technicians, 1 senior RF technician, and 3 + part time technicians.

Teradyne, Inc. , Boston, MA


Design Engineer - Level 2

Advanced Linear Instrumentation Group. Design and support of a range of computer controlled instrumentation for analog and mixed signal semiconductor test equipment- from 100A/100V 0.1% 4 quadrant linear amplifiers, 700V/m S 2KV pulse drivers, to picoamp resolution floating ammeters. Board level analog and digital debug & verification. Sustaining engineering to existing product line, improving yields. C+ test and verification code (IMAGE) development and maintenance. Responsible for AL instrument support S/W (S-T, M-I, P-V) enhancement, debug, and cross platform porting. UNIX fluent.

The Baker Company, Inc.,   Sanford, ME


Lead Electrical Engineer

Designed electronic subsystems for biological safety cabinets and class III containment equipment. Directly responsible for all aspects of electronic development in a market driven small company environment. Recognized as driving factor in new product R&D successes. Updated all test systems via custom test hardware and automated data acquisition under LabView. Responsible for all UL/CSA activities and TÜV/IEC 1010 & EMC conformance. Department leader in ISO9001 process development.


Heidelberg Harris, Inc., Dover, NH
Electrical Engineer            1990-1992
Manufacturing Engineer     1988-1990